A Look Into The Working Of Search Engines



Every minute there are millions of users across the world who look for solutions to their questions using search engines. It is used for many purposes from looking for the recipe for your favorite dish to growing your business. Ever wondered what happens behind the scene that many SEO Vaughan and companies in other cities use. Knowing what happens and how search results are decided is right irrespective of whether you are a business owner or a developer, as a consistent brand and a reliable website are crucial for customer loyalty. Read more here customerthink.com/brand-consistency-is-important-for-customer-loyalty/.
Moreover, when you understand the concept behind the working of search engines you are more inclined to design your website that is SEO optimized, and you will be able to reap its benefits.

Working of Search engines:
For a user, search engines are easy to use to find answers. They type the query or a keyword, and the results are displayed for them to read. But behind the scenes the search engines work hard, they have complicated algorithms, and the process of presenting the answers begins even before you click on the Search button.
In the background, there is a lot of tasks that are conducted by the engines even before you type. Two main phases are involved in looking for quality answers.

Crawling: Internet has a lot of information available, and that is usually scattered, search engines have web crawler programs which gather information that is available. Note that the web crawlers gather only public and not private information available on web servers. These web servers are places which host the websites.
Web crawlers list out all the web servers and the websites hosted on the servers and start the crawling process. They find out information about the site like the pages, text, video, images, etc. and also follow the links to any other website to find more pages. Any changes made to the website is also tracked this way.

What you should know as a website owner? When you are optimizing your website for search engines, you should make sure the crawlers can access it to be able to read your website. Since the crawlers perform a lot of work, you should ensure that they can access it very quickly without any issues by following the SEO rules.

Indexing: Once the crawlers find all the information, it now has to be organized by sorting it. Once it is sorted it then will be stored so that the search engine programs can process it and display it to the user. That whole process is called indexing. Another aspect of knowing is that engines do not store all the information gathered from the website. Instead, they store only critical data like creation or updating date\time, keywords, links and a few other elements which the search engine program needs. You can think of it the same way as the index in a book.

If your website is not indexed, your website will not appear on the result pages. For your pages to appear in the top few positions of the search results you should optimize your site for search engines.