Four Steps In Settlement Of Personal Injury Case



Have you become injured because of the negligence of some unknown person? Then you have right to get compensate for the losses. You should want to hire an experienced personal injury lawyer to represent your case. It is a good idea to get more info before embarking on the quest to find an attorney. One of the key points that must be noted is to hire a talented and experienced personal injury lawyer Hamilton who gives high importance to your case.
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If the opposite party is ready to offer a fair amount of compensation in the injury case, then it is beneficial to you hence it saves your time and money for hiring a lawyer to run a case. But if the defendant is not willing to pay reasonable compensation amount for the injury made, then you must hire a personal injury advocate.
Before planning for the settlement option in the injury case, you must first get medical support for your injury. Your doctor checks your body thoroughly and decides the extent and type of injury you have and gives the proper treatment. Without finding the medical care details, it is hard to decide how much you want to demand as compensation.
Once your doctor identified the severity and nature of your injuries, then you can start the settlement process along with your attorney. You can follow the steps explained below for the settlement procedure.
At first, you must estimate the special damages. The special damages include medical expenses, funeral/burial expenses, property damage, loss of income and loss of earning capacity. It is easy to calculate the past loss of wages and medical expenses till you record all the records of the doctors or therapists you visit and also the medicines you take for your injury.
It is hard to measure the future expenses for medical bills and loss of earning ability. Based on the extent of your injury, the method of estimating the damages may change. When calculating the medical expenses, you must seek the guidance of your attorney and a medical expert. Also seeking the help of an economic expert analyses how the injuries affect your earning and income ability.
The second step is you want to measure the general damages like physical suffering and pain, loss of reputation, loss of companionship, loss of consortium, shock and mental anguish, and emotional distress.
Then you want to adjust the calculated value to reflect the elements including multiple defendants, liability, plaintiff characteristics, mitigating damages, etc.
The fourth step is you want to submit the settlement offer to the insurance company of the defendant. The insurance company of the defendant does several levels of negotiation with you to decrease the compensation value till a final agreement is made. If the insurance company and you have not agreed to the settlement amount, then the case must go to the jury to decide the final settlement amount for your damages. You must follow the above four steps when processing the settlement in the personal injury case.