Jean Paul Gut.


Jean Paul Gut was born on first day of July in the year 1961. He worked at EADS as the executive director of international development, strategy and marketing. It is important to note that in 2007, Jean Paul Gut founded Coolmore International, which is a London based consulting company. In 1983, Jean Paul Gut started his career as the vice president of Export for Matra Defense. Five years later, Jean-Paul Gut became the executive director for sales and marketing. He advanced to be the executive International operations’ vice president for Matra Group Espace. In 1993, Jean Paul Gut became the top most vice president for Lagardere Group International operations. After three years, Matra BAE dynamic appointed Jean-Paul Gut to be the top most executive vice president.

After the creation of EADS in the year 2000, Jean-Paul Gut became among the executive committee and board member. He got a promotion in the year two thousand and five to become the EADS executive director. One year later, Jean Paul Gut was assigned to be the head of global strategy for the company after the departure of Louis Gergorin. This led him to become the strategy and marketing executive director, in charge of all operations done internationally. He made an official resignation from the company in the year two thousand and seven.

He had a severance pay of two point eight million Euros, which an equivalent of a twenty four month salary for twenty four years worked at the firm. It is worth noting that Jean Paul Gut struck a sixteen million deal with one of the best airlines, Qatar airways which led to the sale of eighty A350. His London based consulting company provide services to European and French firms that had intention of expanding internationally. His company also played the role of linking up investors from other countries with European firms working on big development oriented projects.