Beacon Hall Golf Club – One Of The Best In Canada



Situated at Aurora in Ontario, Canada the golf course at Beacon Hall Golf Club is one of the classiest golf course that I have ever seen or played at. Acres of green spread over a landscape that is as picturesque as anything that man has to create. The sport of golf despite all the competitiveness has always been associated with leisure and class. The Beacon Hall Golf Club is nothing if not classy. Walking from one whole to another any lover of beauty, elegance and class are bound to be left mesmerized. But, do not make the mistake of thinking that it is only about beauty and elegance. You cannot be more wrong.

The golf course at the Beacon Hall Golf Club is as much about the techniques and intricacies of the sport as it is about the beauty and elegance of the course. The golf course has been designed by architect Robert Cupp and is a brilliant piece of art as well as the science of architecture. It has been truly said that the greatest architects are those who are able to combine engineering and painting into one. Mr. Robert Cupp has been able to achieve that optimum balance at the Beacon Hall golf course without a tiny shred f doubt or dilemma. It is as fine a golf course that any you will ever see.

It is a member’s only golf course and hence I consider myself very lucky to be able to get the chance to play here although I am not a member. Contacts at the right places take you high up in life! The Beacon Hall Golf Club’s golf course is a full-length golf course with 18 perfectly designed holes that demands your presence with a club in hand if you truly love the sport of Golf. Do not miss out on such a beautiful golf course if you are a resident of Ontario, Canada.

You can visit the website of the Beacon Hall Golf Club if you want more information about the process of becoming a member of the club. The club house at the Beacon Hall Golf Club is also very well equipped. You will find all the modern amenities at the club house. A club house is a very vital ingredient in enhancing the appeal of any golf club. In the case of the Beacon Hall Golf Club, the clubhouse does the perfect job of increasing and enhancing the overall appeal. It is the best possible place to relax and enjoy your weekend after a full course round up of the golf course.

Even if you are a pro who does not really care about the beauty or elegance of a golf course you must play here. You must do it for the love of the game and not for the beauty of the course. It will serve as an excellent place for practicing and enhancing your skills at the game. The human mind focuses better when it is in a relaxed environment. The golf club at Beacon Hall does it perfectly. So, you will be able to practice and improve.